You CAN Rewire Your Brain: Christian Brain Rewiring


Discover the biblically sound evidenced based system
to relieve anxiety chronic symptoms and sensitivities 
so you can prosper and be in
good health.
Show me how!

You CAN rewire your brain: Christian Brain Rewiring

Discover the biblically sound evidenced based system to relieve anxiety chronic symptoms and sensitivities so you can prosper and be in good health

Show me how!

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”
Romans 12:2

You were created in His image, to be joyful, peaceful and prosperous.


But living in your current state of stress and overwhelm you find you are inundated with symptoms and sensitivities that cause you to miss out on events, situations and foods that once brought you joy.  
Using biblically sound and science backed principles, you can reverse these symptoms and sensitivities by addressing the brain and nervous system dysregulation that are the underlying cause of the condition. 


It’s not all in your head,
but it is in your brain.

You can have a balanced, peaceful sense of wellbeing where the body can heal and thrive as God intended. 

Persistent anxiety, fatigue, and other chronic symptoms and sensitivities are not the vision God has for your future, nor are they due to any failure on your part.

Many who seek help for anxiety and chronic conditions have been misguided in this area, leaving them feeling more condemned than set free. This counsel can lead to disconnection from the church, community, and even God.  

The most powerful way to heal is not away from God, it is by partnering with Him Using The Renew + Rewire Brain Retraining Method, you will finally heal the underlying cause of your health challenges by harnessing the science of neuroplasticity and biblical truths.

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Rewire your brain from anxiety  chronic illness and sensitivites

Discover the Christ-centered, 5 step method designed to regulate the stress response, and reverse chronic symptoms associated with anxiety/panic, fatigue, migraines, dizziness, depression, chronic pain, food, light, sound sensitivities and more.
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I'm Angel Lavelle

As a Nurse, Integrative Health and Brain Retraining Coach, I guide individuals in reversing persistent anxiety, chronic symptoms and sensitivities so they can live healthy and resilient again.

I’ve been there. Trapped daily in extreme fatigue, anxious thinking, panic, sleepless nights, migraines and a whole host of debilitating symptoms. It was through the power of self-directed Neuroplasticity, and healing with God, that I was able to emerge with a renewed sense of abundance and wellness.

Now, I empower those trapped in anxiety and its symptom chasing cycle, to renew their mind, rewire their brain, restore energy, regain health and build mental, physical and spiritual resilience all from a Christ centered perspective.

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