Angel Lavelle

Follower of Christ,  Wife, Mother, Registered Nurse, Integrative Health Coach, with over 2 decades of combined experience in women's health, education, coaching and ministry.

Angel Lavelle

Follower of Christ,  Wife, Mother, Registered Nurse, Integrative Health Coach, with over 2 decades of combined experience in women's health, education, coaching and ministry.

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:5


I'm Angel

A Registered Nurse, Integrative Health and Brain Retraining Coach helping people regulate their nervous system by addressing the specific areas in the brain responsible for emotional regulation, memory and the stress response so they can live healthy and resilient again.

I know what it's like to wake up each morning with a multitude of debilitating symptoms, to feel trapped in a body that is suffering, with no end in sight.

And I also know what it's like to
emerge from the other side with abundant wellness.

My personal journey has made me into the compassionate woman I am today and revealed within me a calling and passion to become a conduit of hope, healing, and learning to others. Ultimately the healing glory goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, now giving me the privileged opportunity to use what He's taught me to guide others into abundant living.

Healing Through Faith With Brain Retraining:
My Journey


Prior to 2019 I was living a healthy yet striving life. There were times in my adult life, where I faced a whole host of random symptoms and sensitivities that sent me on an unwavering quest for relief.

This quest would gradually result into a lifestyle of micromanaging my health.

Conventional medicine attributed the symptoms to anxiety and depression, and medication was their recommended course of action.


However, I had reservations about going down that path. Turning to my church community, well meaning advice left me feeling more condemned than set free, leading me to explore a functional and holistic approach.

This alternative path involved a wide range of  testing, elimination and restrictive diets, a plethora of supplements and protocols, and the avoidance of potential triggers. I know realize It was a life of limitation and failed to address the root of the issue-the stress response.  I was surviving, but not thriving and I remember thinking, "there must be a better way!"


The Tipping Point: 

In 2019, a moderate case of Covid, and other stressors culminated into a perfect storm. I was sidelined with more than 20 relentless symptoms, night and day. 


This situation left me,  desperate for relief. Despite my "healthy" lifestyle, and doing all the right "things", I was suffering."Conventional and alternative treatments, failed me.




Brain Retraining:
The Missing Link

The turning point came when my therapist suggested brain retraining.
Initially reluctant, I decided to give it a chance.


Once I made the connection between my brain, stress response and all the symptoms, and began implementing the techniques, my body began to heal as God intended.

Within days, I felt a positive shift, restoring hope and within 6 months. I was completely well.

Combining brain science with faith, and keeping Christ at the center of the process, I crafted the Anxiety Rewired Brain Retraining Method.

My Journey Inspired the Creation of This Method,
To Inspire Hope and Healing With Others.

Once again, I'm living a full and joyful life, embracing a freedom I've never experienced prior to retraining my brain. Plus, I have cultivated a deeper connection with God throughout the process!

I hike, I bike, I travel, I eat what I want, I laugh and sing and have fun again. I am resilient! (I even flip cartwheels! :))

No more searching, no more fear of symptoms—I have the tools and a system that works.
You can have a healing story of your own.

Let's do this together!

All Glory to God!


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Tired of searching for Answers?

The Renew & Rewire Brain Retraining Method is Christ-centered, biblically sound and backed by research and science. It encourages symptom reversal by addressing the brain, nervous system and so much more, producing a balanced, peaceful sense of wellbeing where the body can heal as God intended. 

When you join the movement, I make it my mission to see that you are encouraged, supported, and ready to take action by implementing your brain rewiring protocol. Each step is carefully designed to help you achieve a lasting transformation and connect deeply with God

Knowledge is power, but only if you know how to apply it.  The Renew and Rewire Training Method, puts it all together for you!

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